TD Bank – Brand Identity System

Agency: Interbrand (NYC)
Strategy Director: Andrew Miller
Creative Directors: Oliver Maltby, Paul Pierson
Design Director: Pan Yamboonruang
Verbal Director: Blaine McEvoy
Designers: Desmond Wade, Spencer Seligman
Implementation: Michael Frandy
Agency Partners: TBWA, Leo Burnett

TD Bank’s new visual identity system aimed to unify their Canadian and American brands as part of a new strategy developed by Interbrand. After an extensive audit of 1,177 documents and findings report, we developed a brand playbook with input of TD’s 5 major agency partners to make sure it was ready for real world application.

For building new templates, we created a prototype tool to help calculate the grid and type size.

We have developed a new methodology that allows a singular approach to all formats.


TD Brand Colour Palette

Grid, type, colour & holding shapes in use

TD Brand Spectrum

A brief overview of each campaign aesthetic and layout consistency


Retail exterior signage design

Retail Window Privacy System

Being a bank, a customers privacy is imperative. To solve for an on-brand solution
when considering windows, we designed a pattern system using the brands square
with different increments of opacity using block colours. This can be seen applied
on the following 3D renders.

Expressive typography for retail spaces & keeping it local

Subway verbal posters