Des Wade – Designer | Concept
Stephen Ledwidge – Design Director
Celine Dee – Strategy Director
Emma Conway – Designer
Maria Marks – Designer
Neave Alouf – Illustrator
Alison O’Leary – Copywriter
Alana Storm – Client Services


100 Archive 2022 Selection

All kinds of children need Childline for all kinds of reasons. The problem was that many saw Childline as a crisis charity – a place for the most serious problems. 

Our task was to correct this misconception and show that Childline is a go-to, always-on, open-door resource to help every child face every sort of life challenge with confidence and resilience.

The pandemic’s impact on children’s mental health, personal development and circumstances – matched with the pressures health services and soaring wait times – means that the need for Childline’s services have never been greater. 

Childline exists to listen, empower and inform young people. It’s a support system, a source of trusted information and a solace. A charity passionately driven to help children live their best possible lives. But sadly, many children in need of Childline’s help didn’t see it as relevant their worlds.

The imagery of children in dark corners, danger-hued colour palette, serious headlines and grave tone, gave the impression that Childline was just for children suffering the worst kinds of abuse. To support a generation of children, this was a perception that urgently needed to shift. 

The result
We developed and rolled out an emboldened, strategically-grounded rebrand. The new brand was grounded in resilience and everything it inspires. Brightness and boldness came into play. Childline is committed to being by every child’s side and to demonstrate this unity we amplified the two ‘i’s in the logo and echoed the brand promise ‘By Your Side’ across communications. Now Childline is truly a place for everyone who needs a support – however big or small their crisis.