The Bookshelf Café

Project role:

Branding | Logo Design | Floor Plan | Interior Design | Installation | Lighting |
Printed Ephemera | Signage | Menus
The Bookshelf’s name derives from it’s first location in the old Cork Library established in 1792. Our objective with this project was to update the brand identity, bringing it to a more modern context without sacrificing its personality.

We brought the brand’s distinctive character to a more novel typographic language, as well as designing a brand new contemporary logo. The Bookshelf logo incorporates a slightly radical “E” that serves as the cornerstone of the brand identity.

The client’s brand spirit glares through a new, bespoke lighting installation we designed using the shape of the logos “E” pattern with steel perforated mesh hung on reinforced steel wire.

When redesigning the interiors such as the chairs, tables, staircase and lighting, it was of high importance to maintain the atmospheric vibe while increasing the turnover of customers. Brand recognition was increased resulting in a high turnover of new and returning customers.