Final Year Show Branding

Project role:
Branding | Logo Design | Art Direction | 3D Animation | Way-finding | Event Planning | Print Ephemera | Signage | Invites

Sonder Design Exhibition was Crawford College of Art & Design/CIT’s 2017 end of year show for Visual Communication and Multimedia Students. In designing the identity for the show I took into consideration that this was the first year that CCAD/CIT showcased both courses final year projects on a large scale. It was for this reason that I proposed the name Sonder, meaning “the realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”, that everyone has an epic story to tell.

I wanted the viewer to take into consideration on the night of the show the vast amount of work and time that each and every student invested in their final year project.

On entry on the night of the exhibition, our guests were instantly greeted with the name and definition of the show. As the word is not as widely known, the viewer gains an interesting thought to start off the night and enjoy the show.