In this project I have branded Ireland’s first medicinal marijuana dispensary – ‘Index’. The name derives from the function of an index and how it provides structure and resolution, thus being a main pillar of my project.

I want to give the forthcoming medicinal marijuana industry a reliable, knowledgeable and progressive design solution to indicate how Ireland could proceed with this new concept of pharmaceuticals. I want ‘Index’ to give the patient somewhere trustworthy to turn to in a time of perhaps, stress, poor health or uncertainty. ‘Index’ is a solid companion in supporting the story of each individual.


Example with Before-After Logo Design

INDEX Products Cannabinoid Concentrates Full View

Three Cannabinoid Concentrate Examples

INDEX Stationary Letterhead Folders

INDEX Bags Cannabinoid Concentrates Bags


Building design and 3D rendering of how Index’s environment and ambience would exist in Ireland, being the first Medicinal Dispensary.
Building location: Old Harcourt Street Railway Station


Outside Side View Render

Outside Front View Render

Inside Building Angle 1

Campaign Poster Uplifted

Campaign Poster Active

Campaign Poster Calm

Campaign Poster Balance