TD Bank – Brand Identity System

Agency: Interbrand (NYC)
Strategy Director: Andrew Miller
Creative Directors: Oliver Maltby, Paul Pierson
Design Director: Pan Yamboonruang
Verbal Director: Blaine McEvoy
Designers: Desmond Wade, Spencer Seligman
Implementation: Michael Frandy
Agency Partners: TBWA, Leo Burnett

TD Bank’s new visual identity system aimed to unify their Canadian and American brands as part of a new strategy developed by Interbrand. After an extensive audit of 1,177 documents and findings report, we developed a brand playbook with input of TD’s 5 major agency partners to make sure it was ready for real world application.


Verbal Identity

Voice is how we say what we say. It’s everything from “Hello, how do you do?” to “Yo, what’s good?” It’s the tone, rhythm, punctuation, sentence length, and word choices that bring our personality to life across everything we write.
Adopting a consistent Voice not only activates our brand strategy, it helps us connect with specific audiences, no matter who is putting fingers to keyboard.

Sometimes it’s easier to think of Voice as a person. So as you can see below, we captured TD Bank’s personality in a state of mind we’ve dubbed The Conversationalist. We’ve described what this means tonally and tactically.

The TD grid formula

For building new templates, we have created a prototype tool to help
calculate the grid and type size.

Grid formats

We have developed a new methodology that allows a singular approach to all formats.



Headlines that are flexible to comms and campaigns, which are discussed
in more detail in the Expressive Elements.


Fixed to the grid unit including subheads, body copy, contacts, and legal.

TD Brand Colour Palette

Grid, type, colour & holding shapes in use

TD Brand Spectrum

A brief overview of each campaign aesthetic and layout consistency


Retail exterior signage design

Retail Window Privacy System

Being a bank, a customers privacy is imperative. To solve for an on-brand solution
when considering windows, we designed a pattern system using the brands square
with different increments of opacity using block colours. This can be seen applied
on the following 3D renders.

Expressive typography for retail spaces & keeping it local

Subway verbal posters